Property Management

Lion Logistics Property Management is committed to providing the highest level property management services in the industry. We are dedicated to protecting our client’s interests while maximizing their profits. We do this by adhering to a companywide strict code of ethics and ensuring that we provide quality housing and space to all our tenants. Complete client satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our Full Property Management Services

Collect Rent: Tenants pay rent directly to our office or can be collected by our team. Rents are due on the first and considered late after the 5th, at which time late fees are assessed.

Janitorial Services: We provide consistent and efficient cleaning and janitorial services at competitive prices, with exceptional customer service to back it. Whether it’s our first clean, or 5th year of routine cleaning, we strive to maintain truly clean facilities and the confidence of our customers.

Maintenance Requests: We handle all maintenance requests. We coordinate with the tenants and vendors to ensure the repair is taken care of quickly and properly. We are available 24hrs a day to handle any emergencies that require immediate attention.

Maintenance Reviews and Scheduled Walk-throughs: We ensure that the lease terms are not being violated and assess any repairs that may need to be made.

Lease Enforcement: Terms of the Lease are enforced in a fair and professional manner. In the unlikely event that an eviction must be performed, we will handle this process for you as efficiently as possible.

Lease Renewals: Prior to Leases expiring, we contact you to review New Lease Terms. Renewal agreements are then negotiated and executed with the Tenants.

Record Keeping: Full accounting records are maintained for all properties. Owners receive detailed monthly statements as well as end of the year statements. Monthly financial disbursements are made to property owners either by check or direct deposit.

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